Friday, June 23, 2017

2017 Summer Travels: Canada in June

Tessa, Morgan, Michaela & Danielle 2017-06-09 #01Timing worked out early this summer and we were able to squeeze in a week trip north to MN visiting family and fishing in Canada the second week of June, which was almost unexpected given the our commitments around the KC area.  

We left Friday and stopped in Staples before heading to Lake of the Woods the next day.  We lucked out and Great Grandma Betty, Stacie, Tessa, and Morgan were available for supper at Tower Pizza.

The girls spent two days in Canada while I spent an extra couple of days there dad while the girls were back in central Minnesota. Here are some photos and their memories from this year's jaunt north.

Michaela & Danielle 2017-06-10 #01
Baudette Minnesota...perhaps the land of 10,000 statues!
Michaela 2017-06-11 Journal Michaela 2017-06-10 #01
Michaela's Journal
Christine & Danielle 2017-06-10 #01 Danielle 2017-06-11 Journal
Danielle's Journal

Here are a couple more photos from the trip. The sunset is similar to one that we've seen many times before, yet is still something to watch each night. The lunch location is similar to many throughout the lake; it only requires a relatively nice rock to land the boat next to.

Grandparents, Michaela & Danielle 2017-06-11 #03

Lake Of The Woods 4

Grandparents, Michaela & Danielle 2017-06-10 #01 Grandparents, Michaela & Danielle 2017-06-11 #04
These Yellow Perch were brought back for family, we ate walleyes and let the Northern Pike go.
It was wonderful seeing so many extended family during a get together the last night. We played a few games of cards but didn't get too many people to try out the slip n slide.


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