Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miles, Miles, Miles

So, we have finally arrived at Aubrey's in Oregon as of last night. It is a LONG way here to drive, but we have had a good trip, with almost perfect weather and lots of beautiful scenery and new birds.

Our first day we took off in the late morning and made it to Long Lake Reserve in ND and then Teddy Roosevelt National Park in the evening to camp. WE camped in the valley and when we arrived in the campground there were 3 wild horses right on the road or nearby. Also, lots of Western kingbirds, which I don't think I've ever seen, they are much more pretty than the Eastern Kingbirds we have. Our campsite was right near the river and was in our opinion the best campsite in the campground. Though, we figure no one else wanted due to the large amount of 'dung' from some large animal that was in the site:) When we woke up in the morning, unfortunately a bird decided to wake us up very noisely! But that allowed us to get up and get going. The valley was thickly covered in fog, so we could see a ton of birds and no pictures in the campground, but once we got to a little higher elevation we could finally see better. Malcolm, I am sure will post on all the birds we saw, so will mostly not blog about those. The view was spectacular as we drove around the park as the canyons were partially covered with the fog that was slowly rising and moving through them. It was awesome. I didn't get great pictures as when we went for a walk I forgot to grab the wide angle lens and only had my 80-400mm birding lens. Which doesn't quite get the whole effect.

Oh, and check out this next picture...what is this deer doing? Deer don't poop standing up, right?? So is he just sitting there, resting?? We were lost, but had to take the picture so if anyone can enlighten us, that would be cool :)

We saw various herds of the wild horses and I took a couple pictures of a foal and a particularly gorgeous black horse.

On to Montana, for our next blog...stay tuned!

Oh and, Aubrey, Steven, and Abi and Malcolm and I are on our way to north-western Washington in a few hours, it should be awesome!


Linda said...

Miss you forever- Michaela
I liked the two horsey pictures-Michaela and Danielle

Steph said...

Yup! Al said the deer was "pooping". Also, did you watch him long? and did he reach around and flush? :):) So glad that you are having a great trip and seeing so much. Your photos are beautiful!

linda said...

The mule deer is going to the bath room. whitetail deer do the same.