Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pony Rides and another toy

This past weekend was Dairy Fest in Marshfield. We went with the intentions of letting the girls see the animals, which is always a highlight for all of us. We were completely shocked that the only animals there were the people dressed up as cows, dogs on leashes, and the ponies. Luckily the girls, all three, like pony rides.

I've been looking for a spotting scope since last fall. Christine gave me the go ahead to make the decision on my own, and I finally found a Swarovski for the right price and it showed up this weekend as well. I really wanted one to take with on the trip to look for animals in Glacier and look at shorebirds in Dakotas. Who knows, maybe we'll even get a picture with it or see a pelagic bird while visiting Aubrey and Steve.

A Swarovski AT-80

TSL-800 Adaptor turns the scope into a 800mm F10 lens

A very fine tripod indeed

We took the scope and adaptor to Wildwood Park to test it out. The view in the scope is almost as good at 60 power as it is at 20, which is wickedly awesome. I think the photo adaptor will be a thorn in my side however, as I had a great admiration to individuals that take excellent pictures through these things. After trying it once with the adaptor, which I have read to be easier to use than with a separate camera through the lens, I now believe they are amazing. I took many of a close stationary Great Blue Here and they were definitely less than ideal!

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