Sunday, July 14, 2013

County Fair

The 2013 Winona County Fair wraps up tonight. We met friends Thursday night {Yes, I know the posts are out of order considering we went swimming Friday} after quickly running to Rochester to look at a Van. The girls loved the rides. They went on a Ferris Wheel type ride, used burlap bags to go down a slide, rocked a large pirate ship, played in a bounce house, rode a roller coaster and of course the Merry-go-Round.

Michaela and Danielle with L and D on the Ferris Wheel. Christine and Danielle on the Merry-go-Round. 

This was the first carnival we went to in which the Merry-go-Round had competition as the girls favorite. By the end of the night the Dragon Roller Coaster won out, even though Danielle rode her favorite horse on the Merry-go-Round three times.

Michaela and M in the back of the Dragon with Danielle and L in the front

Interestingly other kids, and of course their onlooking parents, thought the roller coaster was too rough and fast for a fair. For the four girls, at least on this night, it was just what they wanted. {Okay so our girls are out of focus, but the face on the girl behind them and the mom with her hands up were too good for me to delete the photo.} Below is a video of all four on the slide, with other videos of the roller-coaster, pirate ship, and another ride available through the youtube links.

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