Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bad bedtime routine

Below is the one of many possible bad bedtime routines. While we were finishing supper, people stopped by to buy a few items that Christine had listed online. I stepped outside to be with her and found a tree frog, which I quickly called for the girls to come see. Danielle immediately held it and within a few seconds she walked across the yard to put the frog in the small Korean maple tree. How Danielle thought of this I have no clue, but what an amazing idea.The girls take after us a bit and ran inside to get their cameras to take pictures of the tree-frog.

Generally we have Danielle as hands-on and Michaela as hands-off with nature.

While taking pictures the frog jumped off Danielle's hand and somehow miraculously disappeared into the night. Bedtime should have been next, but instead the amped up girls asked for sparklers.

What would a responsible parent do at 9 o'clock, already thirty minutes past the kids' bedtime?

Who knows, we grabbed sparklers and decided to stay up even later. Luckily fell asleep everyone as soon as we were in bed!


Cindy Gold said...

Who knew that all you had to do was put sparklers in their hands and then they can dance! Fun memories and cute tree frog too.

Magyar said...

__Looking at those charming and learning faces, awed by nature, I leave this instant haiku:

night trees
this song of moonwise frogs
learning smiles