Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Returning to Marshfield

This weekend we made a quick trip back to Marshfield Wisconsin. This was a piece of mind trip, and we were happy with the situation at our 'other' house and the conversation with the renters.  The trip was a chance to remind the girls of where we lived just a few years ago. Michaela remembered much of the house after seeing it, but Danielle didn't.  We showed them Michaela's first school as well as the dragon park, then made our way to the zoo and ice-cream.The Marshfield zoo and park was one we often visited for educational programs in the summer, birds in migration, and as a destination for a bike ride.

One of the new pieces at the zoo in the past two years.
Danielle was worried about getting to close to the hissing geese.

We bought another point-and-shoot camera this weekend, now each of the girls can take pictures when we are out and about.  They enjoyed the one we had before, taking many videos and photos around the house but often Michaela had the camera while Danielle was left without one. They practiced their photo taking skills at the Wildwood Zoo. Over the weekend the girls took close to 500 photos and videos on the two cameras!

Danielle happened to capture Michaela taking a photo, or as Christine put it "Michaela got in the way."
I'm not sure how close Danielle got to this goose, but I love the picture!

Here are other photos from the weekend after we returned home.

Self-portraits are one of their favorites, as are narrated videos.
Michaela took this photo.  We have a good number of apples this year, but they won't be ripe in time.

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Cindy Gold said...

The second camera was a great idea! Sure glad your trip back to the Marshfield house was positive.