Saturday, July 18, 2015

Oregon and Silver Falls

After spending more than a week on the road we arrived in Portland, Oregon at my sister's. A day walking and sleeping in was what we needed as my parents flew in the next day and the four kids have been going nonstop. We would spend the next week with her camper as our base camp before heading to the coast.

The first weekend we visited Silver Falls State Park for a hike. Regular hikes along the golf course was a daily goal the entire week.

The kids climbed, ran, played and played.....before face plants brought tears. We're all okay now though.

The unique rocks resulted in lovely waterfalls with only a bit of water as well as little caves alongside the trail.

Rocks and waterfalls are great photo backgrounds.

The kids have been playing ell all week, even sleeping in the tent together at night.

Baking Soda and vinegar volcanoes.

We also played their hunting game a bit, kids and adults.

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