Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pacific City

Steve got stuck at the kids table with curds, poor lactose intolerance,
During our Oregon visit the entire clan packed two cars and visited Pacific City, Oregon for three days.

On our way we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese factory for lunch, ice cream, and the tour. We brought the girls here three years ago but they did not remember it. Deep fried cheese curds were the favorite of many, but Mulberry Pie ice cream was a close second. The four of us stopped for  Tillamook ice cream later the next week on our drive back east, finding that exact flavor!

We had daytrips to the beach all three days.

Flying kites is easier with strong constant winds. The dune in the back has people climbing it.

Climbing the sand dunes was a daily challenge for many, but one I did not directly complete as I wandered off a different dune in search of birds.
Going up is slow.
Coming down is much quicker.

While others were climbing the dune I scoped the ocean and Grandma Cindy buried Zach.


The second evening we were able to watch a humpback whale out near Haystack Rock.

The last day we went fishing, but were back earlier morning after getting seasick in the Dory boat. In the short time we were out we caught out limit of sea bass and came home with over 50 Dungeness Crabs. It took the entire family much of the day to clean and package the meat.

I would have loved to stay out longer not only to fish more but also to take pictures of the pelagic birds. Tufted Puffin, Common Murre, Pigeon Guillemot, and others were close enough to the boat no binoculars were needed. I had much of the second day to search for birds, so missing the pelagic birding opportunity the third day didn't sting much beyond the missed pictures. I added Cassin's Auklet and Brant to my life list looking at the ocean! Those birds, and birding the past week, will be described in the next blog post.

After packing up the rental house we stopped at the Tillamook Forest Center on our way back from the coast. The kids stuck behind with us for a short hike while we sent the adults back to be responsible and clean crab. The coastal stay was truly amazing!

A quick butterfly program, lunch and photo of every finished off the trip.

The rental house comfortably fit us all and had a couple of games there. Guesstures (charades) was clearly Danielle's favorite. Enjoy the videos below and switch to HD for the clearest picture.


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