Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Free Beer: Wisdom with Age?

Nitty Gritty was the source of burgers and free birthday beer tonight. I enjoyed the night with all three of my girls, but it made me wonder....when did I start to enjoy free beer again? Was it when Michaela was born or perhaps Danielle? More than likely it is that darn dissertation, but that is just a guess.

Here is a lighter moment I had today from an edited picture....a vision of pouting.


Cindy Gold said...

Happy 30th Malcolm, glad you enjoyed time with your girls today. Love, Mom & Dad

Aubrey said...

Happy Bday!!!!! Sorry for the late call. :) Glad you celebrated a milestone with your ladies.

Steph said...

A very Happy Birthday to You! You were never far from thought--my first nephew. Glad that you could spend such a nice day with your girls. Sorry my card is arriving late! Love you all and miss you.