Sunday, July 26, 2009

Visit from Grandma Gold

Grandma Cindy came to visit last weekend. Everyone enjoying her time in Madison, and I think she enjoyed it also. Amtrak was delayed and the girls returned to Madison Saturday evening. I played in golf tournament fundraiser while Christine and the girls went to pick Mom up, but our team did not end up victorious.

On Sunday we went to the Dane County fair. We looked at the 4-H exhibits and animals, but the highlight was Michaela's first pony ride. Christine and Michaela both loved that experience, with Christine's joy edging even Michaela's. I actually thought Michaela and Danielle preferring and petting the ducklings rather than the chicks at a petting zoo was more cute. Danielle actually pinched the poor ducklings bill, causing the duckling to cry and attempt to squirm out of my hands.
This picture is not from the Fair, as for some silly reason we did not bring our camera with....oops. Instead it is from today at Waunafest, a Waunakee festival.

Grandma Cindy watched the girls Sunday afternoon while Christine and I went to the latest Harry Potter movie. We had mixed reviews on the movie, but it was awesome to get out alone. It's a bad sign when the last time we went on a date together was the last time Mom kicked us out of the house alone.

The women hung out on Monday and Mom watched the two girls before I got home while Christine had golf league Monday evening. Tuesday before hoping back on the train they stopped at the zoo.

The break of having someone else to watch the girls was awesome. Christine and I both felt energized and happier overall, with those feelings carrying all the way through to this weekend even while I worked at school. Christine is slowly getting boxes packed and I am still working on my third chapter (even though I defend in just over a week).


Jina said...

I am glad you guys got your date night! We are in need of a date too. Wish you lived closer and we could trade services.

Malcolm said...

Jina, I agree... I wish that we lived close enough to watch each other's kids to have an adults' night out occassionally.