Thursday, August 20, 2009

Personality Part 2

Eventually I will get to the deck and the move...I promise. We do have a home phone now, it is (715) 384-9573.

Michaela has started to pick up and mimic the way we talk to each other. While at Menards a couple of days ago Christine and the girls were waiting in line to checkout while I wandered off to look at tools again (a guy can dream can't he). Christine was unsure to what I was doing and innocently asked "Malcolm, am I checking out?" Not at all funny or noteworthy by itself, but Michaela's immediate reaction caught me off-guard. Michaela let go of Christine's hand and ran down the isle after me yelling "Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm....." and did not stop until I turned around and picked her up. I got quite the looks from other families, as Michaela kept informing me that I was not her daddy but rather Malcolm.

Fast forward a couple of days and we found ourselves at Menards again, this time looking at grills. Neither of the girls have been feeling well and Michaela decided at 6:30 to catch a catnap in the big green car-cart. (Those extra long carts with the plastic car on front.) Christine first noticed it and pointed out Michaela's state to me. I bent down low and asked Michaela if she would like to get out of the cart and walk. "DON'T LOOK AT ME!," was Michaela's response. Even after returning home Michaela continued to tell me the same thing, even adding that I should look at Mommy instead. Luckily that ended at story time.

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