Tuesday, August 18, 2009


While a post about moving, workers comp, a deck, new address and the generous help we received would very likely be more timely, I briefly digress a week earlier to share pictures and accounts of our daughters.

Michaela and Danielle 'appear' to enjoy each other's company most of the time. When they are both in a good mood they often end up in a giggle/shouting fest. They take turns shouting and squealing at each other, only stopping to giggle at their own actions before repeating. This is all fun and games until we get in the car, then it turns into a headache.

Michaela has been a ham in front of the camera for quite a while, smiling for the camera and giving us many different faces. Danielle's personality has begun to show as well, with similar facial contortions as Michaela. Both of the girls like to snuggle and get carried, which I am happy to oblige most times. When Danielle wants you to pick her up she will throw her belly forward, head back, squint her eyes, and reach her arms right at you.

Last week on Tuesday before the move we spent the evening with Jason, Denise, and Austin. It is wonderful to spend time with them but frustrating that we a better effort to get together more frequently. We brought the camera equipment with and took some pictures of Austin.

Michaela found my old film camera and really enjoys playing with it. While outside I asked her to take pictures of the rocks while I took her picture. She did it! Next I asked her to say cheese and let me take her picture, to which she responded with "Say Cheese" and she took my picture.

Danielle of course is interested in anything that we have. Last night it was the pen I was using to write notes, but at Jason and Denise's place it was the flashes. I was setting the two flashes for off camera use on Austin but Danielle had other plans, accidental pictures of kids that turn out are great.

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