Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One of those mornings

As adults I suspect we remember a morning that was so horrible that all you wanted to return to bed and minimize future problems of the day. Michaela had one of those mornings today, and what follows is a narrative of her first waking thirty minutes!

Michaela woke up happy and was more helpful than normal while getting dressed for school. She even agreed with Danielle that it was time to go upstairs and eat breakfast. This by itself was a shocker to Christine and me, as she is a picky eater that often skips breakfast. At the table Michaela asked to be strapped into her booster seat. She hasn't been strapped into the seat for a long time and it caught me off guard. I did not immediately head her request as I was replacing the broken cell faceplate. At the same time a squirrel came up on the deck and snuck a bit of seed from the bird feeders. All of these circumstances resulted in Michaela's first instance.

Christine told Michaela to turn around and see what was on the deck.By not having the straps buckled, she twisted on the top of the seat rather than twisting and lost her balance from the seat. Michaela fell from the chair like a lumberjack topples a tree, with a nice face plant right onto the floor. To her credit she landed like a cat on all four and saved her nose. This surprised Michaela so much she did not know whether to get right back up, cry, or lay there. A short hug later and she was back to eating, and to her dismay the the squirrel was scared from the deck with the fall and she did not see it.

Michaela and I actually left home earlier enough to arrive at school on time this morning, the first time in over a week. We were even 30 seconds early, and when we are early I unstrap Michaela from the backseat and she joins me in the front until the front door is unlocked at 7:45. After she joined me in the front seat and gave me a nice hug, she wanted to see herself in the mirror. The mirror did not want to adjust to Michaela's hand, rather the rear view mirror snapped right off the windshield. Once again her face was priceless, showing her surprise and and confusion of the situation. It was the second time in 15 minutes I saw that face. I quickly told her it was not a problem and that I could fix the mirror later. She showed her relief with a smile and proceed to look at herself in the mirror, now handheld rather than on the windshield. I hope that the day goes well for her!!


Steph said...

Sounds like she faired the trials well! What a trooper. I loved the stories and it sure makes me less lonesome. I am so anxious to see all of you on Saturday. The robin hatching was great too--I suppose all of them have hatched now. Drive safe and see you soon.

Grandma Linda said...

Some days it's just best not to try and accomplish too much! Sounds like Michaela did a good job of hanging in there!