Monday, May 3, 2010

Wonderful Busy Week

We finished a busy week and with some extra sleep today I think we are ready for the next.

With the warmer weather a few birds have taken residence near our house. Michaela and Danielle point out birds when they visit our bird feeders. The girls enjoy filling the feeders, but also want to fill all of them...including the hummingbird feeders that has not been visited yet. Rather than put any additional hardware into the deck we came up with a make shift feeder pole with hooks, who knows how long the PVC pipe will last.

On Wednesday Great Grandpa Don and Lael stopped by Marshfield on their way back from Georgia. The girls showed off the house and loved the attention. Grandpa and I got some cribbage in while the girls played outside. Unfortunately I had to teach at 6 that night and left shortly after an early dinner.

Thursday morning I bummed a ride with a colleague to Madison for a conference. I presented some preliminary research on the Mead Wildlife Area Cost-Benefit Service Learning Project and was able to network with UW system professors and staff.

The Caruths generously provided a bed for me Thursday night, and on Friday Christine and the girls joined me in Madison. The entire crew of three adults and three toddlers hit a few garage sales Saturday morning while I went downtown. We joined back back together in the late morning and headed to Henry Vilas Zoo. If you look carefully you can see Brad and Maia in the background...oops I missed the photo op.

The return to Madison reminded us of what we had before. We definitely enjoyed out visit with Brad & Micah, Sam & Marie, and to Henry Vilas Zoo. However, Christine and I both mentioned how it felt that home was already somewhere else. Michaela loved her time playing with Maia, although I really think it was just playing with Maia's toys. Both of the girls were exhausted after the visit and slept much of the way home.

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