Thursday, September 11, 2008


So .........we only thought Michaela was doing well transitioning to her toddler bed. Yesterday she spent over an hour crying and getting out of her bed, instead talking and playing at her nap time. Then last night, she took longer than normal to fall asleep (which is not that big of a deal at just over half an hour), but then she woke up around midnight. It was the first time that she asked for Me when she woke up rather than crying, which should have been a clue.

After trying everything I could think of to get Michaela back to sleep, I gave in and grabbed a pillow to sleep on the floor with her. That worked for about half an hour, then she decided to play and crawl over me. I tried what usually works again and sang way too many verses of American Pie with my hand next to her in bed. My body was shot and was shutting down, I gave up and Christine took over around 4:45. Christine was victorious in getting Michaela to sleep, but only after going in 4 times and putting her back in bed. This was Michaela's worse night since the night before Danielle was born.


Anonymous said...

Watching the 4 of you makes me smile! Having a baby and a toddler was the most trying--and enjoyable--time of my life! Christine, I know there were times when Nick, Chandler, and Chris were all 3 crying at once! But I wouldn't trade it for anyting in the world. Thanks for sharing all of this!



aubsak said...

Maybe she's just not wired to sleep (like her aunt). Or maybe she's afraid of the dark (like her aunt). Well, I don't know squat but I trust that in 20 years we'll laugh over the fact that your oldest just doesn't sleep!