Monday, September 22, 2008

One Month!

Danielle is 1 month old is amazing how fast the time has went and how much she is changing and well, our lives as well. I was thinking today when we were out as to how blessed we are to have TWO beautiful healthy daughters; I am such a lucky mom.

Danielle is getting bigger, she won't have her next appointment until next month but I know she is doing well. She is getting so much more head control and I am shocked at how often she smiles, though not as a reaction to us, she just seems to smile alot....maybe it just means she is happy :) Danielle is still as talkative as always, a few days ago Malcolm carried both Danielle and Michaela in slings while I got to take pictures and Danielle 'grunted' and 'squeaked' the whole walk which was over an hour.

The thing I do miss though with having two kids though is the time to just hang out on the floor and cuddle and take pictures. We still do it during Michaela's naptime or after she goes to bed, but it is not the same as with Michaela. I sometimes feel like she is getting 'jipped' and is just carried along everywhere and is sometimes left to cry longer or whatever. It is just so different with two kids...I know you mothers out there are saying I've got it easy with only a newborn and one toddler, but it is still new to me and feel bad about it sometimes.

Anyhow, we are blessed and so happy to have our daughters I thought I would get a new post marking Danielle's one month old day and post a picture from today.


Jina said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Your girls are beautiful. You indeed are blessed. Take care. Love, Jina

Micah said...

She is simply adorable! Love the cheeks!! :)