Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nightime Noises

Christine and I enjoyed a movie last night with the sound turned up for the first time since Michaela was born. Usually we are doing something during the day and only watch movies at night, which leads us to have the sound down and subtitles on. Last night though we put the audio through the receiver and speakers and watched "21". Danielle slept through most of it, but heck she sleeps through most everything.

Danielle also loves to talk already. She is constantly cooing and grunting. The first week we had almost none of this and it made for nice quiet nights. With Danielle in a bassinet in our bedroom, her sounds are making it harder to sleep soundly through the night.

Today on the way to school I got into my first accident while riding bike into campus. Another biker was listening to music with headphones and staring down rather than looking ahead and did not hear my warning call to him. He was riding down the wrong side of the sidewalk, and never looked until he could see my wheels while staring straight down. His face was in total shock to say the least, and swerved at the last minute avoiding a head on collision. If I would have thought this could have happened I would have slowed down, but instead I was still riding about as fast as my slow legs take me. I avoided the head on with him, but took the grass, hit a rock and took a spill. Not really much worse for the wear after getting the chain unlocked, a few grass stains and scratches and a couple extra minutes on the commute in this morning. To make things worse (well not really, just different) today is the first day of class at UW Madison. This semester I will actually be taking a class (Medical Ethics) as it is a requirement for the traineeship I am now on. Campus is busier, there are more bikers around, and the huge masses of students walking around between class are back.

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aubsak said...

She's just making her presence known :) Love the updates!