Monday, September 15, 2008

Michaela Day!

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I have been enjoying Michaela very much the past few days and I thought I would share a couple of her smiles. Yesterday we all went to a local apple orchard where we also picked some raspberries and Michaela had a blast picking raspberries and eating them and she also stole a couple from the basket when dad wasn't looking :)
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Today was also great because she woke up happy and we just hung out the 3 of us girls, went to the park and enjoyed being together. I am so lucky to be a mom and it is days like today when you choose to look at the good rather than the bad and you are so much happier because of it. If only I could do it everyday.
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Hope you enjoy these few pictures that really made me smile and to let you see Michaela the way I think of her. (I am sure I will soon have a Danielle day as well!)
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aubsak said...

Oh what a joyful day! It's those days when God just really gives you the hug in a form that reachs you. :) You're a wonderful mommy Christine! Can't wait to see you guys in little over a month!!!!!

Cindy Gold said...

Hi Kids, Can I come visit? It's so wonderful that you spend the time sharing your family with all of us, your comments, stories, and pictures are the best. But....I'd love to be there is person too. Gramma is lonesome. Love, Cindy, aka, Mom, Gramma