Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Art of Phishing

Yesterday Malcolm and I went for our usual walk birding with the girls and Malcolm decided to try his hand at the 'art of phishing'. For those of you who do not know what that is; it is basically making imitating sounds of birds to 'lure' them closer. There are certain calls that are universal to the bird kingdom that alert birds to either come and help or at least come and look at what is going on. So, Malcolm spotted a group of Kinglets and Chickadees and worked his magic...he soon had 20 or more little birds in the tree right above him...looking him right in the eye! It was very exciting. I hope he will write a blog soon about it as it was very cool and he definately unterstands it better than I do. (Thank you Grandma Kallevig for the book :) )

Michaela is growing so fast and yesterday she tackled climbing all by herself on one of they toys on the playground, but I have yet to get a picture as I am too nervous yet that she will fall :} Danielle has enjoyed the last few outings being fully awake and watching everything, which is great as she usually has slept in the past, which is easier for us, but I like knowing she is starting to experience the world.

This morning we went to the zoo together and Michaela was Daddy's girl all day showing him stuff and Malcolm telling her all about the animals. I know she really enjoys getting him all to herself. Anyhow, thought I would post a couple pics of us from yesterday and today.

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Micah said...

The pictures are SO cute!!!