Monday, October 6, 2008

Bundles of Joy and Headache

Christine and I had our hands full this weekend. It seemed like we were overwhelmed by both kids whenever in the car. Danielle does not ride extremely well in the car, and often is fussing before falling asleep. Her fussing causes Michaela to scream and talk louder than she normally does......and both of these lead to us getting huge headaches. The good part is that they usually stop being so loud when we get out of the car!!!

The weather was great on Saturday and we spent time outside, going birding a couple of times. The highlight was a close encounter with a immature red-tailed hawk. Even Michaela enjoyed watching him as he landed between Christine and myself. We also went to an estate auction, which may seem like not much but when you take two kids it can be quite the ordeal. How did everyone do does Christine do it???

Danielle is getting stronger and is staying up longer. After sleeping most of the first months away, she is having periods awake where she will just stare at us and squirm. Michaela has done so well with the toddler bed. Even though she woke up twice last night, she went right back to bed and snuggled with her blankets and pillows. It is so nice to be able to go in to her bedroom, calm her and leave before she is completely asleep. One downfall of me leaving that quickly, is that she does wake up occasionally on the floor.

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