Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Mind of a Two-Year Old

Well, I am on my own tonight with Michaela sick and myself coming down with a cold as well. Malcolm is on his way via train to his annual duck-hunting trip and I hope the weather is great for everyone (whatever the ideal duck hunting weather is :) ) Anyhow, since I have the night to myself and I have a minute I thought I would share the thoughts of Michaela. I get such a kick out of her sometimes, I think God gives us these moments to help us handle the less than perfect other times!

Yesterday Malcolm and I went on a walk to the University Gardens and I looked over to see Michaela extremely interested in a flower, she smelled it touched and eventually pulled a petal off. As it fell to the ground she realized that she had 'broken' it and thought she should try to fix it (before anyone noticed, no doubt!) Anyhow, she proceeded to pick it up and tried to put it back on the flower, she tried a few times and then promptly left the flower and fled the scene of the crime not knowing Mommy had already seen it all :) I love the way her mind works.

Today she also put her pretending to a new level. I told Michaela that Danielle was going potty and she quickly left the room and came back with a wipe (for diaper changing) and first wiped her teddy bear, then her duck slippers, then her rhinoceros doll and lastly Danielle. Then she went and got another wipe and a diaper and proceeded to try and put a diaper on the rhinoceros, she did fairly well considering she couldn't get the tabs undone. Then brought the diaper to me to change Danielle...too bad she brought me her size diapers instead of Danielles, oh well it is the thought that counts. I am amazed at how much she remembers and is able to do things that she watches us do every day. She is a little sponge!

Gramma Gold is coming tomorrow and I know that we will have a blast, Michaela is always excited to talk to her and Gramma Kallevig and I know she misses them. It will help ease the pain of no daddy for the weekend. I am quite worried about tonight as Michaela always wants her dad when she wakes up at night (she has been doing really good, but when she is sick she wakes up at least a few times a night). I hope Danielle happens to be sleeping when Michaela wakes up or I will have my hands full.

Here are a couple pics of Michaela and her picking the flower and trying to put the petal back on.

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aubsak said...

Oh, I love hearing those kinds of stories!!! We finally got our new computer. I'll try to get the webcam loaded when I get home Saturday from Eugene so we can chat and see the girls before we visit.