Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cool Weather

It has been awhile since I have posted...Malcolm has done great, but I have just not gotten on here so I thought I would post a few thoughts.

As the weather is getting colder, I have been finding it harder to feel motivated to go and do things with the girls, so we stay inside and play, getting out a few times a week to go to playgroups or some shopping. Though partly it seems as though the day goes so quickly as Michaela has been FIGHTING her naps and bedtime ever since the time change. Taking upwards of 3 hours but most of the time just over an hour to go to sleep. Yesterday she took two hours to go down for her nap and stayed up til 10pm in her bedroom before Malcolm finally convinced her to fall asleep. I think she has just learned that she can control things like turning on the lights or deciding to stay awake and hasn't realized the reprecussions of being tired the next day. Anyhow (whew, had to get that ranting off my chest!), like I said when you spend a good portion of the day convincing your daughter to go to sleep and it gets dark at 5pm, it just seems like there is no day left. Does anyone else get depressed with the shortened daylight?

Luckily, the past few days Danielle has been smiling and as of last night laughing, which helps brighten the day :) Danielle is getting sooo big, she is already in 3-6 mo clothes and her sleepers fit perfectly, not too big like they usually are for the first month. Danielle's favorite things are eating and sleeping, but she does enjoy the occasional smile time and baby talk. Michaela's favorite things currently are helping to cook, Pooh bear and Tigger, and dumping liquids from one container to another...though she is not very good at it and most of it spills :) She'll get it soon though :)

I tell you, though, it is so hard for me to get pictures of both the girls, but here is one from a week ago:

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