Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Fun

Since I haven't posted in quite awhile I thought I would do a little update, just over a week ago Danielle had her 2 month check up and was a whopping 12 lbs 3 oz in the 90th percentile! Good Job Danielle :)

This past weekend we drove up to Wisconsin Dells to spend time with Aubrey and Steven who flew in from Oregon and Grandpa & Grandma who drove down as well. We stayed in a very nice condo at a large hotel that had a really nice indoor waterpark. Michaela had a blast spending time with everyone and swimming as well. (I don't think I have climbed that many stairs in a very long time!) The colors were beautiful and I got a chance to go for a walk with Malcolm and take some scenic pictures without the kids, what a treat it was.

Michaela has been missing everyone a ton and has proceeded to have meltdowns throughout the day over little things like putting on pants...and my only guess is that since she has no way of communicating that she is sad that everyone left she just acts out by throwing tantrums. Oh well, part of growing up I guess.

Overall, it has been a wonderful fall and I am enjoying the last of the *warm* weather as I hope everyone else is as well.

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