Sunday, March 29, 2009

Having Fun

So, I don't have a lot of new news to update everyone on but I wanted to share this picture as it is so fun. Michaela has just started to actually try and have fun with Danielle or share toys though both infrequently. However I am just happy it is starting :)

Michaela has decided to forgo naps lately and put her foot down. It has been close to a week and she is very irritable; hopefully soon she will decide to stop fighting it as I really feel that she needs a nap. Her favorite saying is "No seep"

Danielle is growing fast and loving solid foods, everytime we eat she GRUNTS until we feed her to and she does not seem to be picky at all unlike Michaela when she was this age. I am hopeful that Danielle will keep up this trend and I will not have a picky toddler again. I took Danielle to the doctor last night to see if she had an ear infection *she did not* and she was a whopping 16 lbs 12 oz up from 16 lbs 1 oz on the 9th of March.

Have a great Sunday everyone and enjoy the spring weather, though here in Madison we have snow...yuck!

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Micah said...

They're so cute!!! It's good to hear that Danielle is such an easy baby--hooray!