Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Swim Lessons Finishing Up

Michaela is nearing the end of her swim lessons, we have only one more left. So, the other night we took videos again to show her improvement. She is still loving swimming, though she very much dislikes jumping off the edge of the pool.

Anyhow, watch closely as I think you may hear my heart stop as I am videoing one portion...scary! During the referred to moment, I thought I was going to die as it was going so slow, I was ready to scream or jump in and couldn't believe everyone wasn't yelling. In all reality, it was just a few seconds, fast enough that if you weren't watching closely you could even miss it on the video.

Enjoy :)


Steph said...

It sort of makes you wish you were two again- or at least at a place in life that what you look like in a suit doesn't matter- Do you think they have adult classes where the instructor twirls you around on a floaty?
Thanks for the birthday greetings- we love the picture cards that you send. We did get a liitle chuckle out of Al's when you lost your orange pen..and when I opended mine we both said at the same time "She found her orange pen!"
Love you all,

Micah said...

As a former swimming lessons instructor (in high school, college, and beyond!), I have to say that that teacher handled "the moment" very well. Her reaction probably helped keep Michaela calm-Michaela seemed to hardly notice what happened! :)

Aubrey said...

Thank you for sharing!! It's so wonderful to know what's going on with you guys. Michaela did great; no panic reaction! Exactly why she's there :)

Cindy Gold said...

The first time thru I was watching the video and reading at the same time, of course I was reading the comment about your heart stopping and didn't see what happened. I immediately hit play again and it's a good thing you warned me! EEEKKS

Loved the short clip of Danielle & Malcolm too. Love, Gramma Gold

Anonymous said...

Don't you think if you or Malcolm had been there, Michaela would have been yelling really loud about going under? The instructor seems such a natural! Thanks so much for sharing.