Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yesterday was quite a day for Michaela. We went to open swim at the YMCA. Michaela was quite the little fish. She wore a life jacket for the first time. After tepidly trying and testing her new freedom she ended up being a prime example of the Peltzman effect. Simply put, because she had extra safety in the pool she soon became more risk taking. She stretched for the balls away from either Christine or my hands. After spending a bit of time and playing with the balls and basket, Michaela found a noodle and liked having one under her arms in addition to the life jacket. This gave her a bit of extra buoyancy and soon she allowed us to let her kick on her own. She loved kicking towards Chris or myself, the entire time floating on her own within an arms length of us. She enjoyed showing off for the lifeguard and everyone else that would look her way. It was very nice seeing Michaela try something new and enjoy herself.

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