Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Little Fish!

So we have taken Michaela swimming at the Y a few times and she also has been taking swim lessons, though I think we have missed as many as she has attended. Oh well, we will make them up sometime. But anyhow, she is loving swimming and we brought the cameras along to the Y this weekend to catch our little fish in action ;)

Here is a video of her swimming...enjoy!

Michaela also is just learning at swim lessons how to jump into the pool and actually go underwater. I was so nervous, excited and just plain proud to see her accomplish so much in swimming. She was so happy and loves showing off to everyone her new skills.

She loves swimming with both mommy and daddy and she will always say things like "Dada, deedee" or "Momma, deedee" which translates to Daddy take Danielle or Mommy take Danielle so that she can have the appropriate person all to herself. Here you can tell how much fun she is having with Daddy!


Cindy Gold said...

Wow, I knew Michaela really liked the water but she is swimming really, really well. It's so wonderful that you share that with us. :o) Does Danielle enjoy the water too? I got the giggles when Michaela ended up on her back; she did a great job getting herself turned back over. Maybe for Easter I should come down and go swimming! Wait......that would mean having to put on swimsuit, scary! Love Gamma Gold

Steph said...

What a little fish! It is so much fun being able to see the pictures and videos that you post. It makes me feel closer! Michaela is doing so well- she really moves! Love and hugs to all of you.