Saturday, January 31, 2009

Birthday Girl! 'The Big 2 Years'

Well, the day has finally come and already gone before I knew it. My little girl is TWO, yeah two! years old. This past year has had its trials but Michaela has changed so much from last year. She is running, jumping, singing and having conversations with me. When grandma and grandpa call, she actually tells them what is going on with her day, granted she is still very hard to understand and I have to be there to interpret; but to her she is talking clear. She started swim lessons and she is by herself, mom and dad watched from the bleachers as she would wait patiently on the pool steps to be called. How much different our lives our from last. Now we have two beautiful girls and our lives are so much more full then they were before Michaela and Danielle.

Grandpa & Grandma came to visit for the short weekend and are helping us celebrate Michaela's birthday and Michaela has been having so much fun, despite the fact that she got sick tonight and threw up. Poor girl, we think she ate too much...but for those of you who were thinking it, no, she did not have any cake.

This year I tried my hand again and decorating my own cake and though I think I improved on last years, unfortunately I have a long ways to go. Maybe I will take a cake decorating class someday, I have a LOT to learn! Anyway, this year Michaela's favorite kitty was my inspiration and below he is posing as the 'model'.

Happy Birthday Michaela! We love you.


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Michaela! We still remember visiting you in the hospital when you were born. Awesome job on the cake, Christine!

Jina said...

Happy Birthday it's amazing how much you change in one year! Hears to learning much more and challenging mom and dad a ton too! I think the cake looks great!

aubsak said...

Happy birthday Goddaughter!! We love you so much. You bless "Ah Ah" and "Seev"'s lives richly with your laughter, smiles and hugs.

p.s. Stellar job on the cake Christine!

Micah said...

I agree with everyone regarding your beautiful daughter and the wicked-sweet cake!!

Anonymous said...

Such a celebration! Know that you were in our thoguhts as you turned two! May the "new" year hold such discovery for you! We love you and miss you....Mommy, you did a wonderful job on the cake! Truly a likeness of kitty! Steph

Anonymous said...

Christine the cake looks perfect! I'm hiring you to bake us a cake for this May... -Lisa