Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Evil Twist of Fate?

So last night was the first night Malcolm was gone and I had an very interesting experience. Michaela took a little while to go down as usual...we have been having a time getting her to go to sleep. She will get out of bed and start playing or talking to herself etc. The past few days I have been trying hard to keep her actually 'in bed'. After about 9:15 I finally didn't hear her anymore so assumed she was asleep, though who knows. For those of you wives who have slept alone you may have similar experiences as me, but I always tend to be a little more 'jumpy' and hear things as night as I don't have my strong hubby there next to me.

Anyway, last night after I had been sleeping awhile I awake to have the feeling that I heard something...someone in the other end of the apartment (not Michaela's room, it seemed farther away). So I freeze up, straining to hear something, then it comes again. Something is rustling, shuffling or something. Immediately thoughts begin to race... 'do I get up go in and find out what it is, what if it is a burglar, maybe I should stay in bed and pretend to be asleep and he will take what he wants and leave the bedrooms alone... should I go in, what if it is just a mouse? Maybe I should get the phone in case I need to dial 911' All of these thoughts are racing though my mind as I am straining to hear more. Then it comes ... "A, B, C, D, E, F" I hear a musical toy Michaela got for Christmas and I shoot out of bed. THere I find Michaela in the living room playing. 'Man, I thought we had a little while before Michaela could open doors!' For those of you who didn't know, Michaela couldn't open doors until last night. So, how is it that by a twist of fate that Michaela decides to have this milestone come when Malcolm is gone and I have the two girls to myself?

So, who knows what will happen the next few nights and naptimes. I ended up sleeping outside her door for an hour before Danielle woke up to make sure she didn't get out of her room again. Wish me luck!


aubsak said...

Oh man, did I get my Monday morning belly laugh from that one! :) Hopefully your next couple of nights are much more peaceful and uneventful!

Malcolm said...

Wow...that is terrible...that is great...change is not always good. I am so sorry to hear that it happened the night I was first gone and that it scared you that much, the mind is a scary object in the dark. On the other hand, she is growing up!!

Cindy Gold said...

My heart is still a thumpin' and my stomach is still quivering even though I read your post hours ago. I wouldn't wish that on anyone even if it does mean Michaela is turning into a big girl. Good luck on being creative in teaching her how to go to sleep and trying to keep her in her bed; the closed door is no longer an option!