Monday, January 19, 2009

Catching Up

So as it has been a VERY long time since my last post and I haven't kept you all informed of the girl's updates, I thought I would take the time to catch you up on things since we came back from Minnesota.

Michaela is definately starting to assert her independence already and I see her getting frustrated when either she isn't able to do what she wants or we don't understand her. Most of the times she is wonderfully patient and will show us what she is thinking which is very helpful. We had her speech evaluated this last week and much to our dismay, but expectation she was behind. She does not finish words and tends to mostly only overenunciate and repeat the main vowel sound. So, Fish is 'ee' and Cracker is 'gra gra' and Giraffe is 'ga' and so on. Makes it tough for most people to understand but I have learned to understand most of it if I have the context to go with it. Also, Michaela has been quite stubborn on the fact that she will not let me take her picture and anytime I bring out the camera for her I am met with furrowed eyebrows and a no,no,no,no! So, alas I have basically no pictures of her for you, right now. Danielle on the other hand is very cooperative! ...

Danielle is 5 months in two days, but as I did not do a 4 month post, partly because we were unable to get her Dr. appt in before we left for Minnesota and partly because I am just lazy, you haven't heard about her progress. Last week was her 4 month Dr. appointment and she was 14lbs 15oz and just over 24". She is doing really well and seems to be a much more laid back baby than Michaela. She definately does not need to be held as often as Michaela (though she enjoys it) and sleeps more on her own than Michaela as well.

Today was a milestone for Danielle and luckily Malcolm got to see it before he left for Texas for 3 days. Danielle is sitting up...not for a real long time but she can make it as long as a minute or so; though she does tend to lean more and more forward as the time goes on. So, anyway, a proud mama moment and I captured a couple pics for all of you as well! So, now there is proof :)

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