Tuesday, January 27, 2009


A list of things that have happened in the past week.

1) Another schedule fly back and potential job for Malcolm, in central Wisconsin.
2) Malcolm has sent out more applications in case neither of the fly backs work out.
3) The last of the pictures from our Thanksgiving trip to MN are edited, now on to the Christmas batch.
4) Michaela started swim lessons today and absolutely loved them.
5) Danielle ate solids again, but we are worried that she is having indigestion problems causing her to sleep poorly.
6) Christine has come to the conclusion there is no double stroller which will fit in the trunk of our car besides a double umbrella.
7) We are trying a trial membership at the YMCA, which includes childcare :-)
8) We chased after a greater white fronted goose.
9) Michaela will turn 2 at the end of the week.
10) "But it still could be better. Suppose that I add...No time for more, I'm almost home.", well not actually not home but at least time for bed.

By the way, does anyone know the source for #10? If you don't you should look into it, it is a nice quick read and is one that Michaela would recommend.

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