Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A week in the life of Michaela & Danielle: June 11th 2013

I figured it is time to take a break from posts on birding, so today is hopefully the first day of a week long diary following Michaela and Danielle's daily activities.

Michaela went to bed last night in our bedroom closet while Danielle was in bed with us.  By morning Michaela had moved to the living room couch, but forgot to bring either a pillow or blanket and was sleeping like a  curled-up pill bug.  The girls haven't slept well or in the same spot since we rearrange the house to sell. Last night just happened to be weirder than usual.  Breakfast was fruit, donuts, and juice and we enjoyed a couple of cartoons and a bit of garden work during the morning.

We packed the car for a day of errands and drove over Stockton Hill, grabbing lunch at Taco Bell before stopping at Family Video.  The girls were allowed to pick out one movie each, and we found out that Family Video awards free rentals for grades. It would be a wonderful treat for Michaela if we can find her report card.

We planned to quickly returning a "Home for Sale" sign at Ace Hardware. It was too easy to buy something that looks right, only to realize after getting home that it the sign was one-sided rather than printed on both sides.   It was time to return the sign after having it lay around the house for the past couple of days. While I was signing for the 2 dollar credit the sign the girls were looking at the miniature train diorama. I've been to this store a dozen times but was blind to the "Find Waldo" sign until they pointed it out. Luckily the girls had done this before, told me where Waldo was last time, and informed me had to find him. Ten minutes later we found that Waldo happened to be camping in the woods. A store employee kindly turned on the power and we watched the trains and emergency vehicle flashing lights before heading out.

The next stop was to return a handful of due items at the Library. The girls quickly ran to the children's video section and each picked out a Dora DVD. Once that regular activity was finished they followed their normal schedule and went to the computer game station.  As they played I found a couple of field guides for later and we were off to HyVee to pick up groceries for supper.  

Three hours after leaving home we returned ready for an excited adventure using the field guides, but plans changed as a message on the answering machine informed us of a house showing later tonight. Michaela colored a picture and Danielle played downstairs allowing us to pick up the house. An hour later and we were ready to start cooking! 

The girls had picked out mushrooms (Danielle) and broccoli (Michaela) for supper, which we paired with pasta and Parmesan. The girls helped wash and cut the vegetables, reluctantly taking turns for what they deemed a very exciting activity. Both girls stopped at least once and looked at their fingers where it "felt like they were cut" but luckily neither was bleeding. They were proud of the fresh colorful dish which was followed by Lemon Poppy seed cake for dessert.  

I hope the house did not smell too strongly of broccoli during the house showing, but we will likely never have the opportunity to ask that question. We stepped out of the house and visited neighbors when the realtor showed up and returned home after an hour for a second round of cake before bed. 

We are tentatively planning on visiting Whitewater state park tomorrow for a nature program and swimming before Concerts in the park, but of course plans may change if mother nature does not cooperate.

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