Thursday, June 6, 2013

Danielle's end of School Year

Danielle finished preschool last week, with Michaela going one week longer.  Danielle woke up early (around 7 when Michaela wakes up for school) this past weekend, but the past two days she is back to sleeping in until 9-10.

A week ago one of Danielle's schools had a end of year preschool picnic.  Each family brought a dish to share, the kids played, and it was nice seeing everyone before the summer began.  The weather was not cooperative, much like the rest of the past month, and it rained the night away. Michaela and Danielle avoided the rain by using their umbrellas and didn't play nearly as much as the other kids.

For whatever reason I felt inspired to get the girls to play, so I stole their umbrellas and we played tag long enough that they quit worrying about being wet.  We all had wet feet after getting home that night.

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Aubrey said...

Umbrella tag sounds wonderful! Glad you got to enjoy friends and celebrating.