Thursday, June 20, 2013

A week in the life of Michaela & Danielle: June 19th 2013

The wonderful weather continued one more day, but we spent the day getting the house caught up and errands done before our weekend plans start.  The yard is mowed, sprayed for broad leafs once again, watered new seeding and indoor plants, and the grocery shopping is purchased.  

The girls were excellent and played inside most of the morning.  They pretended to be a dog and cat, pretended to be mom and daughter, and even talked about pretend chores.  

We had a handful of stops throughout town but we all enjoyed the Library the best. I told them we could stay until closing, but they were not allowed on the computer stations.  As a result we read a book together, played with Legos, and colored a couple of pictures. I think I even nodded off as they played for a couple of minutes.

Danielle colored a fire engine and Michaela colored a submarine.   It was a very enjoyable hour relaxing away from home. 

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Aubrey said...

Love love love the blog postings Charlie! These are the moments that make life rich. You're a wonderful dad. And props for kickin' Christine out on the road. It was wonderful having a few days with her.