Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A week in the life of Michaela & Danielle: June 18th 2013

I've blogged about daily activities, or lack of activities, for a week and am now on the eighth consecutive day. As I sit at the computer, transfer pictures from the camera, edit the day's pictures, strain my mind to remember the day's activities, and type draft retype compose a posting I have experienced good and bad of blogging. Knowing that I will blog has given me pause to enjoy the moments, pay more attention to Michaela and Danielle, take more pictures, recall and process my emotions to the daily activities, and (at least in my head) work at telling a story. I will likely revisit these posts in the future and refresh my memory of days gone past. Perhaps the best outcome of these blogs has been Christine's ability to feel close to our daily activities as others have with past posts. At the onset of this project I didn't know the time I would devote to this activity (you'll note I only was able to get the post done by midnight the first three nights), how I would be forced to realize the routine of our days, or how my back would become sore from the computer chair. This is enough with my ramblings, lets get to the 8th of 9 daily blogs. 

Last night Michaela and Danielle spent the night as close as possible to me in bed.  Danielle is, and quite possibly will always be, a contact sleeper.  She occasionally snuggles close and pulls your arm over her. More often she tosses and turns throughout the night and wakes just enough to ensure our presence by having her toe, knee, finger, or head is touching us.  Last night she started as a smuggler, woke me up with her bum in my face, woke me later her left arm across my forehead, and then finished the morning off in a tight snuggle.  Michaela on the other hand prefers to sleep in the same room but not touching. This is a change from her first couple of years when she could not sleep alone and often slept right next to us.  Last night Michaela reverted to earlier days and was in full snuggle mode the entire night.  I woke with both arms numb, a girl on each shoulder, and their legs sprawled on top of me.

I enjoyed the morning stretch when Danielle hopped out of bed, but was surprised when Michaela rolled over and pulled the covers up.  Danielle immediately grabbed the recorder that was left on the counter last night.  I asked her to be quiet and come downstairs with me so Michaela could sleep. I was surprised when Danielle started singing Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul and Mary.  She knew the chorus and let me fill in the verses the best I could. Michaela came downstairs and told us she went back to bed because she was having a good dream. I didn't ask what it was about, but I should have. Michaela asked what we had done already that morning so we watched Puff the Magic Dragon and followed it up with a related cartoon.

The topic was too enticing and the girls watched an episode of Dragon Tales while I got my morning online fix. The girls were enthusiastic to cut my hair, something I've been contemplating the past couple of weeks. Michaela decided not to help cut my hair and I am concerned that she is too worried about failure.

Christine will be pleased to know the girls agree with her on a short-hair preference, as heard in the first minute of the video.  Forty-five minutes later I took a shower (this might have taken longer if I had not helped Danielle with the clippers), the girls got dressed, and we headed into town for lunch at the Chinese buffet.  Michaela and Danielle have been asking for this location the past three weeks and is one of their favorites.

I surprised a former student (perhaps he remembered the facial and shaggy hair) who happened to be our waiter. I asked him to sit for a moment and we had a short but nice conversation.  I was VERY impressed that he introduced himself to the girls, asked their names, and told them how he knew me. I think Michaela was impressed as well, as she asked later in the day  if we could go back and have him (by name) as a waiter. He was in microeconomics this past semester and told me he wanted to take macroeconomics with me as well, but was mad that I was leaving and that he could not take any additional classes from me. I suspect all teachers love these types of interactions with former students. The restaurant unfortunately experienced the negative externality: smaller bill with free kids meals and a large tip.

The babysitter from last night came over again today and watched all three girls this afternoon. Danielle and Michaela love when she visits and were sad when she informed them that she would be unavailable tomorrow night. I played a round of golf and enjoyed the wonderful weather. My golf game is a bit like a roller coaster right now and I shot 6 over with 6 penalty strokes, 3 three putts, a 9 on a par 4, but 5 birdies (three in a row).  

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