Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A week in the life of Michaela & Danielle: June 12nd 2013

Here is the second day of the week installment.

After yesterday's interesting night, I put the girls to bed in our room.  Danielle was first to sleep and Michaela followed only 10 minutes later. After posting yesterday's blog I returned to this sight. While Michaela and Danielle often snuggle and hug during the day, I was surprised as they are like oil and water at night.

Michaela woke around 8 and went downstairs to watch cartoons.  Breakfast was not until I woke Danielle at 10 and was light with three kiwi.  The girls helped peel the fruit and were wonderful the next two hours watching cartoons as I met with someone about the bird club.

The weather forecast included a chance for severe thunderstorm, hail, and a possible tornado but we packed up anyways for Whitewater State Park.  We stopped at Kwik-Trip in Lewiston for the girls favorite convenience store food, mozzarella filled bread sticks. A banana each and a shared apple rounded out the Quickie Mart meal.

We arrive around 1:15 for the 1 o'clock program...oops! Luckily the short program was interactive and she was wonderful at engaging the girls' thoughts. I found the skull and bones program interesting and I was amazed at how much the girls new about animals, especially Michaela. With skulls in hand they focused on teeth, especially the incisors and canines, to determine whether the animal was a herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore.

Their attention did not last however as they were very excited about swimming with life jackets at the beach. Even though 80s were forecasted, an overcast sky and winds had it feeling closer to 65.  We were all quite cold in the spring fed stream, but the little American Toad tadpoles (just likely a guess based on size) were quite entertaining.  The girls carefully caught many, and their actions were quickly turned into the activity for all most other kids (and adults) at the beach.

Drizzling rain started shortly after we left the park around 4:30. The girls hopped in the bath to clean and warm up as soon as we got home.  They washed each other's hair and checked for ticks before drying off for supper.  Salad and left-over noodles were any easy and quick meal.  With the sun shining, contrary to the weatherman's predictions, we found a blanket and headed into town for Concerts in the Park after a grocery store stop.

At the grocery store we ran into Danielle's teacher, who said "Danielle, we missed you the last week of school!"  Oops, somewhere we got bad information and Danielle missed the last two days of school.  We will have to stop by in July when summer school is in session to pick up remaining materials.

The Winona Community band played a handful of songs while we ate raspberries.  The nearby playground seemed to lure the girls away however. You can here a song end in the video above. The concert started at  8 and we were late getting home tonight.  A slice of lemon-poppy seed cake for dessert and off to bed they went.  As well as last night went, tonight was just the opposite. A bit of anger from both resulted in Michaela sleeping downstairs and Danielle in our bed.

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