Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fishing Report: Weekend of June 22nd and 23rd

While the girls were playing at Grandpa and Grandma's cabin, I was fishing in Canada with Dan, Nick, Gary, and my dad.  Dan, Nick, and myself drove up early for half a day fishing Friday while the other two joined us late that night.  I'm quite blessed with a dad that takes me fishing and friends and family to spend the time together.  This was my second Lake of the Woods trip this year. I was at the Deck Memorial Day weekend also. 
Mike with a 28 inch Walleye from Memorial Weekend
The trip was wonderful, lots of fish, a good number of box fish, a handful of big ones, and cooperative weather. The trip was a success all around. We ate fish three meals in a row, played a few games of smear, and did not encounter any major problems along the way.  The weather was wonderful Friday afternoon and showers held off until late Sunday morning.  The rain brought out the raingear but passed quickly and allowed us to go back out around noon on Sunday.  This happened to be quite the blessing as three big fish came from the last three hours on the water.

Below are pictures of these fishermen's largest catch ever of that species, what a good trip! 
Gary with a 27 inch Walleye
Dan with a 25 inch Walleye
Mike with a 43 inch Northern

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Aubrey said...

Dad's picture reminds me why I cried when you caught that pike on Perch. They're scary water monsters! Sounds like you had a much deserved great weekend.