Saturday, June 15, 2013

A week in the life of Michaela & Danielle: June 14th 2013

Danielle got to talk about yesterday, so it is my turn today.  Last night I fell out of the bed around midnight.  Dad was watching a movie downstairs and I scared him good.  I don't remember it, but he told me I was scared and hurt.  I'm not sure if actually happened though as I don't have a bump on my head, perhaps Danielle fell out of bed instead.

We all slept until 8:30 today, but I woke up ready for cartoons. Before anyone else was even out of bed I was on the couch downstairs watching Dora.  We ate cereal for breakfast and went shopping at Menard's this morning.  Dad had a surprise for us, but he wouldn't tell us until we were there.  I picked out green and purple and my sister took pink (red) and gray.  We were very excited about them until the ride home when we found out they don't stay in our ears very well.

We got home just in time for mac and cheese for lunch.  Dad watch golf on the computer and we watched The Littlest Pet Shop on Netflix before my sister put Dora in and I threw a temper tantrum.  Dad consoled me and taught me how to play peek (four card golf) before we went back into town to pay for Jeep repairs.

I helped Dad empty the garage, but got tired and went swimming with Chase and Cameron while he cleaned the cement.  Dan and Michelle took me and my sister to pick up Lilly and play at Farmer's Park.  We found a monster alien at the park with 15 feet and 100 eyes!  When we got home Danielle helped dad was the car and put the garage back together.  

Tonight dad and I played and entire game of peek rather than only a few hands.  I kept score for most of the game and I WON!!

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